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Having a course reviewed by our panel of experts is the best way to tell your students that your course values the student’s education, and adheres to our 5-principals of a great course.

The Panel

The panel will always have three people, and will be selected from our pool of panelist who range from industry leaders to online course creators. Panelist will be chosen based on their familiarity with the topic. In most cases, at least one of the panelist will be a current IAOMEI member. In the interested of being fair and honest with their evaluation, most panelist elect to remain anonymous. This is at the discretion of the panel member.


Panelist will watch and interact with the course like any student, generally spending 2 to 3 days working through the content. In the process of doing this, they will be looking to give yes/no answers to each of the five tenants of the IAOMEI criteria:

  1. Pedagogy: Does the teacher organize the material effectively? To they teach, or simply convey information? Is the curriculum structured and methodical? Are motivated students likely to be successful in this class? Are the course materials and format unique, or copied from another source?
  2. Delivery: Are the materials easy to navigate? Does the platform of the class help or inhibit learning? Is the user experience satisfactory? Will student learning be slowed or stopped because of the interface or layout of the class?
  3. Media: How has the teacher incorporated media (audio, video, and other tools)? Are the video elements a sufficient resolution and the audio quality clear? Are there any unresolved or unclear copyright issues associated with the media or any part of the class? Does the class use original content?
  4. Participation: How are students invited to engage with the class? Are they given assignments, projects, or worksheets? What can they take away from each lecture? Is there a student community opportunity (using the tools in the class or external tools like Facebook groups)?
  5. Access: Is the course priced appropriately? Do materials have subtitles and ADA compliance?


If the majority (2/3) of the panel reaches the same conclusion that one of these factors has not been met (the same criteria), the result is a “4-Star” rating. If the panel majority finds 2 factors that have not been met, the result is a 3-star rating, and so on. If a majority of the panel does not find any significant deficiency by our criteria, the result is a 5-Star rating.

Results will be sent to the course submitter within five business days from the review. The results will include a report of the findings of the panel, and any notes or feedback that they want to pass on.

Courses that receive a 5-Star rating will be sent our “5-Star Certified Course” graphics pack that they can use on their course pages, as well as language and instructions on how best to use their rating for increased awareness of their course. 5-Star Certified Courses will automatically be added to our Directory List on this website.

Courses that receive less than a 5-Star review will be notified with feedback and may be invited to re-submit their course once the feedback has been addressed.

Ready to Submit?

We highly recommend you look through your course under the lens of our 5-criteria before submitting the course, to ensure you will have the best outcome to the review. Do not submit courses still in progress. Once you are ready to submit, just use the form below.

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