Students, Parents, and Advisors

We invite you to look through our directory to find courses that meet your interest. These are courses that we’ve reviewed and believe to be credible and authentic online music courses. 

We know that during these times families are using online courses to augment home and school learning. We applaud this resourcefulness, and it is our intention to make sure the tools you use are up to a quality equal to or greater than the quality of education you expect from any in-person class. In the words of one of our certified instructors, “Online music education will never be as good as in-person music instruction, but if done well, it can be pretty darn close.”

If you see a course that does not list our certification, but you want to know if it meets the qualifications, the best thing to do is to contact the instructor and ask them to submit the course for review here on our website. 

If you see a course that is advertising our 5-star rating, but don’t see it listed in our directory, please let us know. We’ve had reports of some some courses that falsely advertise a 5-star rating. Your help in reporting these classes to us will speed up the process of pursuing those people. 

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