IAOMEI is a network of professional music educators, Ph.D.s, professors, educators, and industry professionals who believe in quality, affordability, and rigor.

The International Association of Online Music Educators and Institutions was created out of a necessity to protect students from predatory online classes that offered very little value at a high price. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the internet become flooded with these classes in the last few years. 

There are, however, some really great online classes available to anyone. (Just look at our directory!) Finding them has been like finding a needle-in-the-haystack, so we have been formed to help cut through the clutter and point students towards quality content. 

IAOMEI uses our educational advisors to evaluate all kinds of music courses – not just classical music. We are happy to endorse electronic music, production, recording, and other classes in addition to a wide variety of music theory and performance classes.