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To become an accredited course, instructors must show a commitment to the five key factors that we identify as the most essential elements in an online music class.

Does the teacher organize the material effectively? Do they teach, or do they simply convey information? 

Are the materials easy to navigate through? Does the platform of the class help or inhibit learning? 

How has the teacher incorporated media (audio, video, and other tools)? Are the video elements a sufficient resolution, and audio quality clear?

How are students invited to engage with the class? Are they given assignments, projects, or worksheets? What can they take away from the lecture?

Is the course priced appropriately? Do materials have subtitles and ADA compliancy? 

For Instructors

There are a number of ways to assure your courses are in compliance with the IAOMEI standards. We would encourage you to join the organization as an individual or institutional member to keep up to date on the latest standards and practices.

More importantly, if you would like your courses accredited, you must become a member first.